Thursday, 19 January 2012

Company is coming!

Today I thought I'd just share a video I took last weekend.  For the football fans out there, we all know it's play offs.  My partner is a HUGE football fan, Patriots all the way.  So naturally, last Saturday was a big day in our house and we pulled out all the stops.  Mr. Engineer figured he'd take football day to the next level, so he built some stadium seating which is currently taking up half of my living room.  This lets us invite a crowd on important game days, and stays up for the duration of play offs and naturally, super bowl.  Anyone who was following knows Pat's had a HUGE victory over Denver so things were a little rowdy here.

I was running all over getting food and chatting with the girls in the kitchen, and I think Willow felt a little left out. Elwood, our peachface love bird was quite happy himself.  Everyone's pretty used to his little chirps and beeps, which mostly get drowned out by the buzz of a big game.  Then came our fluffy white diva, and everyone's attention was diverted from the game.  Willow LOVES men, and what you'll find with a large portion of the big parrots is they tend to choose a gender preference.  Needless to say, she wasn't overly interested in the hen party happening in my kitchen.  So I decided to take her up for a visit, and for me this was endlessly entertaining.  She just adored visiting all of the new men, and her exuberant, bigger than life atti-'too-ed really shone through.  Not sure how "entertaining" our guests found it, so I thought I'd share a real life video of life with these majestic birds.  Bear in mind, this is one of her happier moments, NOT a tantrum.  If this is her in a good mood, just imagine what happens when things aren't quite going her way...

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  1. The lucky too better be making another appearance this Sunday. She'll get to meet Mexican Jay.